Founder of YÖN


Dear students, parents and teacher,

Our most valuable asset is children are also our future. The way to raise them well is through proper training. As Yon College, we set out with the aim of getting current and effective education of our children. As a result of our long-term studies, we have brought Yön College to life. In our studies both at home and abroad, while educating individuals, we have put together all the parameters. We have brought YonX Eduacation Model, a new perspective on education, to life which is UK-based accreditation units that have been developed with our expert staff.

In the ultimate aim of the YönX Training Model, which will guide the children's future, is to raise confident, innovative, creative, productive, patriotic, moral, sensitive, entrepreneurial, tolerant, democratic children to train. In this context, YönX Training Model includes, peer learning, IT creativity, international
competence, academic success and sustainable social responsibility. As a first step, we test your students' personal skills to determine their possible career with a wide and comprehensive perspective in YönX Traning Model. Student clubs are platforms where the problems of the world are discussed by creating new ideas to explore the environment to provide the abilities come to light.

From the preschool we provide English language training at native language level with totally foreign teacher to instill a learning desire. Besides training
and to providing the necessary level of education, we provide French language education to contribute them to be a world citizen. Robotic and coding, rich sports and art activities,foreign exchange programs and international United Kingdom student exchange programs are the differences of Yön College.

Best Regards,

Chairman of the Board